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April 20, 2005 Uncategorized

a time to write something magical.

Hello Death

If I told you that I feel everything,

would you believe me, or would you only see me as lame?

would you take the blame for my past?

If I told you that I have much to feel shame for?


As I asked this I opened the door,

I crawled out of the bathroom and layed on the floor,

for minutes, thinking many things,

thinking everything possible to think, thinking many things.


Afterwords I crept into my bed,

I hid my head beneath the covers and took a deep breath,

it seemed like hours had passed and yet I could not sleep,

I could only breathe deeper with every second.


My heart hidden in my throat,

made me focus on keeping it there,

it was this distraction that also put me to sleep,

I cried and fell asleep, and fell asleep and cried in dreams.


I questioned my existance, I questioned my faith,

I questioned why I was ever put in this place,

I questioned my future,  I questioned my mind,

There was only one answer that I did therein find.


“Live, Live.  Live on.

Worry not what your future relys on,

Awaken, awake. 

There is time for you to sleep in your fate.”


With this answer I knew what to do,

I would spread it around like germs often do,

I awoke from my dream and awoke into life,

lit up an inscent and started to write.


I wrote of my dreams and wrote of this fortune,

I wrote of the answer to all of our questions,

I then smiled some and took a deep breath,

I decided that I would no longer, welcome death.

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