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May 2, 2005 Uncategorized

my body, body my mine,

share?  No, care for.

my body, body my mine.

So I am just hanging out at home for a while.  I was supposed to go to a movie with John Grossman tonight but that didn’t work out because I have a few things to do around here.

I’ve had a pretty sour stomach all day.  It just hurts a lot and I dont know why.  It could be all of the sweet stuff I ate this weekend.  Weekend…hmm weekend.  This weekend was crazy.  Not really though. 

So what do you do when you think that you’ve got your mind under control, and then, BAM! it’s not.  Do you just write it off as if it were nothing?  Or do you contemplate it?  Questions, questions.  I have another.  Why can I not feel good about myself right now?  Hmm….questions.  I need to read some more of that book I’ve been reading.  I left it at my mothers though so … yeah i wont be able to read it until maybe tomorrow/this weekend.

my body….mine.


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