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May 3, 2005 Uncategorized

soo…..yeah.  Today was pretty boring.  I asked the dad to stay home today but he wouldnt let me.  I cleaned up a whole bunch today when I got home too.  I was proud of myself. 

So I really want a milkshake.  I’m drinking a CRUSHED MELON Jones Soda right now and it’s hot.  It’s not really hot hot, it’s more cold/hot, if you catch my drift.  Elly is all worn out because I was playing with him earlier.  He’s incredibly beautiful and childlike when he plays with his toy. 

Wow I wish that I had something to write about…maybe I’ll think of something in a few seconds….


still thinking…

(1 hour later)


We are all different…but in that respect we are also all the same.  How can some people be so different and be so alike you may ask…well I’ve just explained it.  We try not to conform but we are conforming to not conform.  It’s an explaination to the unexplainable.  We all have our friends, our groups, our hobbies that involves those groups of friends.  So we are identical again.  Do you understand?  I bet you do.

Just a thought.

and, Tone if you’re reading this…you can call me now.  My dad didn’t care that it was you who called….he cared that I had “been on the phone/internet all night”


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