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May 12, 2005 Uncategorized

so we had a half day today.  It is sweet too.  I’m making myself a hot dog right now and I can’t wait to eat it.  I have a headache.  I worked for probably five hours last night and didn’t get home until 11.  It was the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game.  It lasted forever. 

I miss everyone terribly.  My heart has been so heavy lately, so much so that I can feel it in my face when I cry.  I took a picture of myself crying just so I could remember that feeling.  I miss Howies, I miss Nikki, I miss Emily, Steven and my mom.  I miss Teddy.  I miss my old life. 

Tomorrow I have to go to a doctors appointment to get a physical.  Then I am going to get on birth control.  Dad’s wishes.  Wonderful. 

Alright since, I dont have much to say at this moment I guess I will have to chat it up later.  Maybe.  If I can get online again. 


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