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May 19, 2005 Uncategorized

something I wrote just today in my second hour (psych class).  I was like a dream that I dreampt just so I could write it down and describe it.  Sorry if it doesn’t make much sense.


I saw a boy outside my window

I saw a boy outside my window staring up at me,

he motioned with his finger as if to say “come outside and see”,

I closed my blinds and closed my mind and fell back into sleep,

when I awoke I peered outside and the boy was sinking into the earth, and deep,


I ran outside to rescue him but when I found him there,

he smiled at me and then he said “come on, I’ve got something to share”,

he took my hand and dragged me along, confused and wondering,

water then fell from the sky and it started thundering.


“there’s a storm comming,” I yelled pulling back “we need to seek shelter now”

he smiled again, and before he dragged me along he took a solemn bow,

and this bow made me trust him, yes, I would play his game,

and when we reached the old oak tree I asked him for his name.


“why my name? My name, yes of course” he said then hesitated,

“You can call me Life,” he finally answered, and all of a sudden I was jaded,

we were held by the oak tree, straddeling a branch, one that we had shared,

but for some reason the branch became weak and from jaded evolved “scared”.


hanging by my hand, which he still held, I quickly glanced below,

and the soil that once appeard before my eyes vanished like melting snow,

“pull me up,” I said, “please hurry! I’m afraid of falling!”,

and still I hung there, arm aching, and then I started bawling.


he hoisted me up into the old oak and then we climbed back down to earth,

I started then and there contemplating what Life was worth,

I kissed him, I kissed his face, his supple cheeks and lips,

thanked him for saving me, thanked him for his grip.


So as we walked along the broken path I began to give Life a chance,

I asked him “where are we heading to?” he answered “to a dance”,

“I am not dressed appropriately, are you sure things will still be steady?”,

he smiled and kissed my cheek and whispered, “my dear you were born ready.”,


when we arrived to Life’s dance there was music blaring widely,

all the music I’d ever heard before could only be compared to it mildly,

the beat catured my body, took control of my every motion,

now I felt a different mood, a whole new kind of emotion.


everyone was moving, laughing, singing, sweating, their smiles went on forever,

and as the motion seemed to slow a little they all seemed to melt together,

so the material began to run down my body in liquid and I became bare,

Life too, in the one moment, seemed to be the only other thing there.


we stared at each other just staring at each other and he touched my face,

we fell to the ground with each other and grew together in that place,

as one, Life and I created another Life, a baby Life if you will,

a Life we knew would grow and flourish and exist as life will.


In the end I can onlky say that I am thankful for the boy,

for my dear Life gave me existence, something I never thought I’d enjoy,

as my Life and I grow older we’ll keep in our memory that rainy day,

that I saw a boy outside my window, staring up at me.

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