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May 23, 2005 Uncategorized

so I came home sick from school today.  It’s the birth control I know it.  I just started it yesterday and today when I took it I got an instant headache.  I think I’m going to start taking it at night. 

I hung out with John this weekend and I guess that went alright.  We saw Star Wars: Episode III with my sister, Nik, Justin and Ashley.  It was a pretty sweet movie except I didn’t get to see the end. 

I love HAYDEN CHRISTIANSON.  He plays Anakin/Darth Vador.  *DROOL*

I have to admit, even though I knew he would become Darth Vador, I still got upset when it actually happened.  I mean…who fricken joins the dark side anyway.  Jeez.

I guess I’ll have to update some other time because I have nothing remotely deep to say.  None of this means anything to you I know. 


I guess I can say something interesting.  I like the way I feel about someone right now.  It’s an awesome feeling to love someone again.  Don’t get me wrong guy because you know what our love is like.  I am just giving some kudos because I think it’s awesome that I feel this way about you.  I also think it’s sweet how none of this is really complicated.  I hope it doesn’t get complicated, and I don’t think it will.  It can’t.  I mean we’ve been through some crap together.  Sorry this probably isn’t making much sense.  You know who you are guy.  I’m glad that I’ve met you.  Thankyou for making me feel this way.  I love you, my little ween.

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