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June 4, 2005 Uncategorized

I love how I just sit here at my house and do nothing every night.  I really am sick of school.  I just can’t wait for next week to be over.  I think I’m going to go stay with Nikki for a while and then probably stay at my moms house for a while.  I am definitly not staying here the whole summer, that’s for sure.  If I do end up staying here I’ll probably have to kill myself 4 times over.  My birthday is in about 8 days and I’m pretty pumped up about that.  I need to do something sweet for my birthday or I’m going to lose it.  Honestly…someone needs to come up with an awesome suprise for me.  I really need that badly.  Or, all of you can suprise me with little awesome ideas…that would be even sweeter.  Like my butt.  Just playing. 

Is it weird that lately…maybe not just lately…but lately I feel completely discusting and repulsive?  I mean…when I wake up in the morning I think hey maybe today I wont feel like shit as much and I end up feeling even more like shit than I did the day before.  I really need to start talking to someone about this but it seems like there is no one that wants to hear it.  I’ll find someone, someone professional…I think that’s my only option.

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