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June 18, 2005 Uncategorized

So a lot has been going on lately…

1. Talked to Bryan

2. Havn’t talked to Tony in about a week…?

3. Went to counseling this morning

4. Have been living at my mom’s house for the past week

5. Need to pay Tom $7.50

6. Got my period

7. Need more birth control

Those are only the basic ideas in my head.  I’m sure you want to hear about what happened for my birthday though, and you’re in for a real treat.  NOTHING HAPPENED, except everything happened.  I turned a year older.  I am seventeen.  I can read seventeen magazine finally and actually be seventeen. 

So on my actual birthday, rather the night of (as I call it) I went out to dinner with Nikki and Tony, but before that I spent hours at Tonys house.  I wanted to make him a cake for his 20th birthday (because he said he didn’t get one for it) and he refused.  I was disgruntled.  I thought that was a sweet idea, guess not.  So we went out to dinner and that was sweet.  We went to Applebees and Nikki bought. 

Afterwords we went to Derek Aftons graduation party and Tony couldn’t take his mind off Megan Mc.  Of course I was upset about this.  We were together that day.  I felt like shit when he was talking about her.  But now I don’t feel so bad about it.  I guess I probably wont be talking to him for a while because he hasn’t called me and I wont call him, hopefully.  It’s not a big deal I guess.


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