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August 15, 2005 Uncategorized

Baby is this love for real?  Let me in your ARMZ to feel!

So last night I had a date with Adam.  He picked me up from Hungry Howies in Sparta (after I dropped my brother and sister off from work) and then we decdided to go to Best Buy.  He got a couple CD’s, but the one I remember most is Pat Benetar’s Greatest Hits.  I called up Ashlee and Chris and invited them to dinner at Fridays.  Adam had a steak and I had chicken (of course).  The steak was good but the chicken wasn’t that great.  Not what I expected.  Adam ended up paying.  I didn’t want him to pay for me but it ended up being that way.  So afterwords we went to Target to look at purses for me.  Gay I know, but I needed a new one.  We couldn’t find one there so we went to Wallmart and I got one there.  So he drove me back to Howies as we listened to Pat Benetar and cuddled.  I loved it and I had a completely awesome night with him.  I never knew that it could be that sweet.  Let’s hope that this time it lasts.

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