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August 30, 2005 Uncategorized

Alright.  I got through 2 days of school so far.  I love my classes, except I’m not that into Spanish.  My dad is gone until Saturday with his girlfriend somewhere so I’m here all alone.   It sucks because it is already lonely around here when my dad is here. 

I have to work tonight, tomorrow and Thursday from 5:30-9 something.  Then on Friday I have an interview with McDonalds in Rockford.  Not too excited about that either. 

I’m so tired.  It feels like I havn’t slept for days. 

Today I played the name game in both Creative Writing and Environment.  In Environment I was at the end of the line, so I had to repeat everyones names and also what they liked to do.  It was weird.  At least I learned everyones names.  Well, almost.


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