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September 1, 2005 Uncategorized

I’m dumb. 

Today in drawing class we got our first assignment.  We have to design a picture of a foot.  I hope mine turns out good.  I have a pretty sweet idea in my head. 

Sucks that I have to work tonight.  I’m not looking forward to it, but there’s no school tomorrow so it’s stellar.  I have so much S due on Tuesday.  I think I’ll probably work on hanging out with Ash this weekend. 

Tomorrow is for cleaning…I need to clean this place up a little (dishes, vaccum, laundry, etc.) so big papa doesn’t get upset with me when he gets home. 


Elliot Smith is getting fatter.  He’s so thick.  I just love him so much, he’s such an asshole.  Last night while I was eating he attatcked my leg. This wasn’t a random attack mind you, he was planning it.  I could see it in his eyes, and his body as he wound up and went straight for my foot.  Now why would he do something like that I practically raised him.  My mother is probably wondering the same thing, only it’s different, because I raised myself

Enough drama.  Need to draw, eat, watch tv, leave for work or something so leave a goddamn comment.

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