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September 2, 2005 Uncategorized

Hung out in Rockford today.  First I went to the Corner Bar and got some food with Ashlee.  I went to Paper Doll and Jade after that and got some sweet sunglasses.  I had that interview with McDonalds at 2:30, but didn’t really get interviewed until 3.  I got the job.  Ash and I took her brother and his cousin home, and came back into town to walk around.  I bought some stuff from Open Minds; inscense and stones.  We went to a coffee shop and got some coconut chai.  It tasted like Malibu.  I didn’t like it. 

My stones are:

Rose Quartz: Opens hearts to giving and recieving love, calms emotions, helps release stored anger, aids forgiveness, nuturing gentleness, compassion and empathy for others, opens ones heart.

Carnelian: Helps one to be more social and to overcome shyness, restores ambition and direction in life, protection an courage, more passion and energy, joy and sensuality.

Hermatite: Stable and grounding, positive outlook in life, willpower, and courage, helps resist stress, energizing, magnetic, drawing power.

Chrysocolla: Eases emotional heartache and gives renewed strength, helping to sustain one during stressful and/or long-enduring situations.  Purifies the environment and eliminates negativity from within a person.

I worked on my drawing today.  It’s alright I guess, I’m not sure what kind of grade I’m going to get on it.  Hopefully it’s good. 

Ashlee’s dad’s wedding is tomorrow and I don’t have a date.  Adam doesn’ t want to go.  If someone would like to go with me please give me a call (preferably someone who can drive;b/c I”m not alloud to drive with someone anymore.)  My # is 890-1733.    

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