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September 6, 2005 Uncategorized

School was such a drag today.  For some unknown reason I was completely exhausted.  I had so much homework when I got home.  I tried to get as much as I could of it done at school but there just wasn’t enough time.  I even pretty much skipped my lunch to do it.  I thought that being a senior was supposed to be easy, as far as school work.  It’s probably just Rockford though…what a great school.  I’ve learned so much so far. 

So for all of you KC people know that I’m going to be at homecoming.  Don’t really have a date yet so if you want to (Tom) step up and ask me.  I know what you’re going to say too…”I already asked you”.  Ask me again Tom.  Anyway.  My dress is sweet.  I can’t wait. I believe it’s on the 1st of October, so if I’m wrong someone please correct me. 

Other than that…I am going in for my orientation at McD’s on Thursday, and I have to work at the Caps on Wednesday.  Friday, hmmm…nothing is going on yet but I’ll probably have something planned by the end of this week.  Oh, my dad’s taking my senior pictures on Friday if the weather permits.  But that will only take a little while, so if anyone wants to hang out you know my number.  Or if you don’t know my number leave me a comment on the xanga. 


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