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September 12, 2005 Uncategorized

School was alright.  Suprisingly I wasn’t as hot as I thought I would be today.  I’m still working on those drawings.  Well I have one of them finished. 

Dad and I went to look at the property today.  Oh yeah, if you didn’t know we’re building a new house.  It’s going to be pretty sweet.  I can’t wait.  He said that it should be done around Christmas.  We’re going to get out of here way before that though.  As soon as we get the house framed and the furnace, toilet, and shower set up we’re going to start living there.  We’re going to build it while we live in it.  It’s going to be so hard but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end. 

As for everything else, I guess it’s fine.  I’ve just been a little lonely lately.  Need to date more people.  Let me know if you want to go out sometime.  Peace.

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