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September 18, 2005 Uncategorized

Just finished writing the first draft of that article, finally. 

Now I’m just looking up scholarships for myself.  I havn’t updated in a while so I guess that’s what I’m here to do.  Homecoming is in two weeks, and the Coheed concert is that Sunday.  I hope to G-O-D that my dad lets me go with Kyle.  The tickets are only $20, and we would be coming back that same night.  It’s in Detriot by the way.

Other than that, I dont know if I told you that I started working.  SO I STARTED WORKING at McD’s.  It was alright for the first week, but Saturday was pretty busy.  I worked from 11-6.  Everyone who’s anyone should stop by to see me. 

O, and I’ve been pretty busy with homework lately.  That’s right…I’m into doing my homework this year.  Weird…yeah.  SO check you all later..if I have time.


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