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September 25, 2005 Uncategorized

I’ve decided to drop my journalism class.  I can’t really put my whole self into it right now.  It’s stressing me out too much.  Then I will only have to be at school at 8:30…which will be nicer.  Hopefully it all works out for me, because I don’t want to have to sit through my journalism class anymore.  It’s pretty depressing.  I’m serious.  I feel like shit when I’m in there.  I’d rather wait until college to study journalism, if at all.

Other than that…as you all know I’m extremely excited about Friday…because it starts my weekend of bliss.  I guess I should probably call Racheal and let her know that she can come to school Friday too…

More later.  Oh and I hope you all enjoyed that little bit of info about Co&Ca I know I did.


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