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The comic book will be released in six parts, self-published. Twenty-something pages of the first book is complete, and will be out sometime in April, I believe. They will be sold at shoes, onine, and possibly some comic book stores. Once the six issues are out of print, they will be released as one graphic novel.

The story:
Coheed and Cambria are a married couple with four children, Claudio, Maria, Josephine, and Matthew. This story takes place a long time in the past, references to New Mexico and New Jersey are allusions to places, not direct references. The dragonfly plants the serum into Coheed, which activates the Monstar. He’s tricked into going to some planet to see Cambria, but when he lays eyes on her, the serum within him is activated, which turns him evil. Events lead up to an intergalactic war in which the Keywork begins to fall apart, and as Earth breaks away, the Monstar in Coheed’s heart gives him the power to save or destroy the universe, however, the Monstar is evil. The Keywork is a group of seventy-eight planetary systems shaped as a triangle with seven circles. These circles represent oracles, the Stars of Sirius, referred to as Powerstar Transformers. The triangle forms the beam that holds all seventy-eight planets in line. Coheed and Cambria are forced to kill their children, but they all end up dead, who killed them still remains in question, except for Claudio because he is in hiding. By the end of the Second Stage Turbine Blade, all are dead, except for Claudio. During In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, earth and it’s solar system are broken free from the keywork and lost in the dust cloud resulting from the break, this activating the Monstar and turning Coheed evil. The Prises, celestial beings that oversee the keywork, then instruct Ambellina, one of the many fairy-like creatures, to become human and watch over Claudio. Towards the end of SSTB, a character falls asleep and a dream sequence begins in IKSSE3. The telephone, the ships, “Hello Apollo, where should I begin?”, is all dreamed reality, so summed up, the dream is real. The Camper Velourium is a ship owned and piloted by Al who happens to be a racist-psychopath on which the trilogy of songs are based on. He plays animportant role in this story and become a big help to the main characters.

The characters:
Coheed- who later becomes the Monstar
Cambria- Coheed’s wife and mother of the four

Children of Coheed and Cambria:
– Claudio- he is ‘The Crowing’, a messiah like figure, and the only child left; “even number nephew” to Jesse
– Maria
– Josephine
– Matthew

Jesse- Coheed’s brother, the Prise Fighting Inferno
Patrick Ewig- Josephine’s boyfriend; ’33’
Norris- spaceship crew
Larry- spaceship crew
Gloria- spaceship?
Mariah- bounty hunter sent to kill Claudio
Will- president of the Earth or Universe
Ambellina- fairy-like creature who tells Claudio is role in everything after he goes into hiding
Mayo- Darth Vader-like character; president of earth
Al the Killer- “bizzare Han Solo”, racist, pirate, kills white girls, etc; captain of the Camper Valarioum
Newo Ikkin- Cambria’s code name or Claudio’s love interest… this ones a tad confusing.. just read the comments
Apollo- Cambria/Newo’s dog
Prises- Celestial beings that watch over the universe
Chase- baby I-Robot with super powers
Travis- I-Robot who looks after Chase

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