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September 27, 2005 Uncategorized

I love life.  I hate work.  I love Kent City.  I hate being tired.  I love food (Ramen Noodles at the moment).

I think I’m probably the most tired person I know right now.  I don’t wanna work!  But I guess working will end the day and then I am one more day closer to KC Day.  Jesus.  Adam is going to be at the football game on Friday…I guess.  This is what he says. 

I didn’t exactly get out of my journalism class.  They are making me use it as a study hour, because we don’t have part time students.  That sucks.  I guess I’ll just have to sit in there and do my homework from the night before.  Whatever.

Lunch was pretty fun today.  Kyle is a jokester, and I love Bryan.  They all found out about this kid that I have a dumb crush on.  I guess his name is Jordan.  That’s sweet, you learn something new everyday.  And by dumb crush I mean: looks only related crush.  I don’t even know the kid.  He could be a total freak, and I wouldn’t know.  But leave me some comments so I have something to look at when I get home from work. 

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