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December 2, 2005 Uncategorized

Yep, babysitting in a few minutes.  I’m really tired and I don’t wanna but I need $’s (see previous entry).  Things are really weird right now.  Not really, but my feelings are mixed up.  I’m guessing that I just need to get out and do something, and I am not tonight so that sucks.  I have to work tomorrow and then Kyle is supposed to call me so we can hang out.  I dont know if I’m going to the dance or not.  I wanna dance though.  Um…other than that, Sunday I have to work on my Culture Project for Espanol Dos and then I am going shopping with Amber and Terra, again.  I dont know what else to say, I believe I need to write some poems tonight to get my emotions, whatever they are and whatever they are about out.  Peace.

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