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December 16, 2005 Uncategorized

So yesterday sucked.  First I came home and got some horrible news from my dad.  Then I go to work, which is always fun…yeah.  So then I’m on my way home from work and guess what?  My tire decides to pretty much explode.  Thank god (or whatever) that I wasn’t far from home because I couldn’t get a hold of my dad.  So I ended up walking home and driving over to Michelles new place to get him.  What a wonderful night that was, but thinking positively, today was somewhat better.  I’m supposed to go on a date tonight but, my car is not drivable, so I”m going to have to stay home, or he’s going to have to pick me up from my house all the way out in Rockford/Greenville.  So I pretty much think that the date is cancled. 

I think it’s ironic how just when I was feeling like life was going great, life decides to kick me in the ass.  Bastard.

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