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December 17, 2005 Uncategorized

Did you ever realize that a person you thought that you connected with would have to be let go?  Let go from you’re life?  Forever?  Sometimes it’s necessary to do.  Some people are only good for a while until to bad times outweigh the good.  The bad conversations outweigh the once good ones.  I don’t expect you to know what I’m talking about, but I’m just writing this on here so I can verify that this is what I am thinking today.  I don’t need this drama in my life anymore, I’ve got enough already.  I just need to let go, for good this time.  Oh, and it’s not Adam by the way, he’s already gone.  I figure that if I could do it with Adam, I can do it with more people that aren’t good for me. 

Besides that Steve came over last night and it sucked.  I didn’t feel a connection at all with him so I don’t think that I’ll be seeing him anytime soon.  It was just boring, but the good thing is that I got to experience that at my own home, instead of out somewhere else.  He lost his keys and couldn’t go home for a while so we had to help him find them.  It was a disaster.  But I have to work soon, so I’m going to get ready.  Today is a new day, let’s hope it is better than last night or the night before. 


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