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January 8, 2006 Uncategorized

I had a fun weekend.  I hung out with Amber from Friday to Sunday, and I had to work at 2.  Saturday was awesome, we never stopped having fun.  We went to BK for breakfast in the morning, then to Goodwill, and then to Champion to work out, where we worked it out.  I ran/walked a mile and then we did some crunches on the medicine balls, and then lifted some weights.  I realized that I’m very out of shape compared to what I was lifting last year.  I was at probably 95lbs in reps and maxing 115lbs and when I did some sets I only did the bar, 3 sets of 10.  My arms kill today, but I enjoyed working out and I think I’m going to go more often. 

After we worked out we went to a Snowboarding Comp. at Cannonsburg, and I saw Keith W. compete.  He was pretty good.  Troy was competeing and that’s most of the reason we were there.  They had live bands and it was great.  We got a sweet rap cd from someone there.  It’s so good for dancing.  After that we went to dinner with her parents and Troy at O’Charleys, and then went shopping.  I got a sweet-ass skirt, it’s long and brown, with a slit up the side.  We then went to play pool and I realized that I suck at that .  It’s alright though. 

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