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January 30, 2006 Uncategorized

Last night I had a dream about being bitten by a snake:

Being bitten by a snake is positive, meaning you are accepting all parts of your nature as you grow into a stronger person.

I guess that’s true.

But today was pretty bad.  You know that depression thing I was talking about, well it wasn’t due to my period, it was due to lack of resolution.  I guess I had a lot on my mind that I didn’t know about.  Repressed feelings causing mood swings, and this morning was horrible.  I cried in class, and had to go to the bathroom and cry it out.  How embarrassing, and it wasn’t for any particular reason, just that I was stressed out.  I wont discuss exactly what I was stressed about because it doesn’t really matter to you all anyway.  I’m just telling of my day.

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