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February 2, 2006 Uncategorized

This just in:


Telulah, Camilla, Cassius and Maurus.

Accompanied by Adonis, but you all should already know about him.  He’s the chief of that school.

I had to work tonight, and it was pretty busy.  I have to work tomorrow and it should be equally as busy.  Saturday I should be toneing up at Champion.  By the way, you all should download the song “Champion” by Professor Murder, it’s a great song, you just have to have the ear for it.  Good for dancing if ya know what I mean. 

I listened to the Used this morning…well actually for the last few mornings.  I havn’t listened to music in a while, and it was like a taste of fresh air.  I even did my little usual (well usual again) stage performance in front of my mirror to Burts screams.  It’s always good for waking up the soul.

I’m stopping now.  The fish are fed, asleep in their beds.  Goodnight.

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