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March 18, 2006 Uncategorized

Sleeping Beauty Part II (The disturbance of beauty)

Come baby, come near,

I’ll tell you everything you don’t want to hear,

I’ll show you my world through a shattered mirror,

And you’ll fear me.

You’ll say something like, “Let me be,”

Or “I’m not ready”, or “wait for me,”

Do you want to be free?

Sleeping beauty?

Well, Beauty you’re free,

Let go of my hand and get the hell away from me,

You tease, you big baby,

Just leave, leave me be.

You wretch, you wreck everything,

And why couldn’t you just sleep?

Why couldn’t you just let go,

Sleeping Beauty, sleep beautifully alone.

Awe, She’s so in Love

Can’t you tell by the break in her smile?  The absence of her laugh?  It will take a while to recover, and to discover that her “true love” was false.  What else could she do?  What else?  What else?  What else?

And you could never stand the fact that I’ll get over you, so you appear

There once was a man quiet and short, and while I lay in my bed quiet and contort he came to me, and stood at the foot of my bed and after becoming unsatisfied he whispered instead:

“I’ve got your love, I’ve stolen it from you, and there’s absolutly nothing that you could possibly do to recover it,”

And then he gave a sneer and said:

“And telling you this has confused that pretty little head.”

So he kissed me, on my mouth and I cried:

” I never should have let you inside, because I’m pregnant with all of this love that we shared and I hate you!”

I couldn’t believe that I’d dared to say something so vile and something so fake, so I wished and I wished that from my nightmare I’d wake.

And I woke and I jumped up, stepped to the door, opened it and there was that man once more. 


Haven’t written anything in a while,  so here’s an update.  Enjoy.

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