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Ethically Sourced, Artisian, Handcrafted Jewelry

November 4, 2016 Copywriting

Copy written for a local family owned jewelry company.


The practice of artisan, handcrafted jewelry is slowly leaving the world of adornment. Because of this, we often observe a compromise in quality, integrity and uniqueness of design.

We set our own standard in heirloom quality, handcrafted fine jewelry – living by your satisfaction and standing by our work. Family-owned and operated, we currently work out of our modest studio in Portland, Oregon. Here we have built an exceptional team of creatives that mirror the uniqueness and strength in our product.

It is our privilege to work with rustic diamonds, as we believe that they are underrated in their beauty, appeal and timelessness. Each of our diamonds are one of a kind, untreated, ethically sourced and can never be replicated. This means much more to us than adding energy to an overrepresented and outdated definition of beauty.

The flaws within each diamond and gemstone represent our appreciation for the imperfect, as well as our deviation from contrasting societal standards. Our consistently evolving designs, ornate and fluid as they are, we see as the catalyst. Truly, our diamonds speak for themselves, each in a language exclusive to the person they choose.


Diamonds have been used for centuries to represent everlasting love for a reason – they exude the longevity required for a lifetime of love and beyond. But, for the past century white diamonds, beautiful in their translucence and unforgettable in their imagined power, have become the centerfold to a generation desiring structure and symmetry. Although they still maintain their draw, the world has changed a lot since then.

This new spectrum, spanning generations past and present, has awoken a different understanding of what is classic. Classic is both now and then, strength and simplicity, you and I. Classic is timeless, love is timeless. It is our desire to represent this merge by representing individual love with a new classic.

Diamonds are a plentiful resource on this planet, but that doesn’t mean that we are interested in abusing that fact. We value consideration and conservation of the earth’s natural resources. By remaining thoughtful in our design, we are creating heirloom quality jewelry that abstains from the fast/disposable fashion industry that currently overarches the world of adornment. Timelessness means more to us than following the current trend and will always factor into the jewelry we develop for you.


It is important to us that our only hand is in harnessing earth’s natural beauty by providing our stones with the foundation and environment that best supports them. We believe our diamonds need no alteration, which is precisely the reason we leave them as they are.

With our rustic diamonds, each is naturally one of a kind. It is because of this nature, that they are unable to be duplicated by man. This is a double-edged sword, as it also makes it difficult to measure them on a typical white diamond scale. We understand that many are unfamiliar to our diamonds, which is why we put our trust only in open-minded experts of the industry that are willing to move with the changing tide that is this new classic.


With so much conflict in the diamond/gemstone industry, we find it’s best to not involve ourselves with questionable material sources. Our suppliers are all licensed and certified by the Kimberley Process; a joint governments, civil society and industry initiative set in place to stop the flow of conflict diamonds. They are required to abide by rigid expectations in order to maintain their “conflict free” status.

You can read more about the Kimberley Process here:

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