“What surprised me the most about Jen was her undeniable endless curiosity and refusal to accept something at face value. In some circles this could be a slight annoyance, but as a conversationalist and a creative-work partner this a great foundation that positively impacts all phases and aspects of a project, no matter the medium (and she certainly has plenty of those).

The large array of mediums she works in exemplifies her bold sense of initiation and unquenchable excitement towards all forms of art. Thankfully, coupled with this youthful sense of enthusiasm and openness about the world – she also holds a grounded sense of reliability, punctuality and professionalism. As a fan of her work, I am always very impressed with the imagination and maturity of her photography and prose. She has a willingness to dive into some places that would frighten others, and she always does so with grace and a refined sense of style and humor. A light trace of existentialism and a feeling of “otherness” can be found in most of her work, often giving her projects unexpected edges that could cut the unprepared.

She is simply a joy to work with because she effortlessly achieves the fine balance between taking the work seriously yet taking herself less seriously; meaning any silly pettiness is a non-issue with her and she’s interested solely in the project itself and the standards of excellence she imposes on it herself.” – Estevan M.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaajaaaaajgvmnzuyy2zilwi0ndgtndflms1iytqwlwu3njllntk0nge5ma“A sense of place is so magically evoked in Jen’s writing – whether poems, stories, review – that you feel like you’ve visited there before, but only in a dream, where landscapes can shatter or overlap and in this, you see things that you wouldn’t have without the distortion. I always enjoyed taking place in the editing of Jen’s work, as it’s often lyrical, the mere experience of reading is a delight before you begin to delve into meaning. There are many shades to her stories, and darker themes emerge in wry, sharp lines. Nature plays a huge role in Jen’s work – writing and photography – and she handles this subject matter with tenderness and respect, probing it at the same time.

Jen is solid to work with; open to suggestions, changing directions, taking risks and expressing her goals and ideas for a piece/project. At the small publication where I worked with Jen, I watched her engage in many “firsts” and with each one, she was confident and eager to take part in something she hadn’t done before. I look forward to working together again.

Also, her photos are all over the board – seascapes, performers, friends dressing up – and each convey the moment’s energy through the image so that looking at the photo feels like a memory of yours, rather than an image someone else took.” – Kate D.

Jen was great to work with and made the pictures look better than reality! I appreciated that she was able to get our dogs to cooperate for a wonderful picture. These maternity photos will be cherished forever.” – Kyle P.


Grace McMicken“Jen has an intuitive eye and a keen attention to detail like no other photographer I have ever worked with. She is quick, to the point, doesn’t need to take many photos, and has them edited and back to you within a couple of days. The quality of her work is informed by her piercing eye; she can see directly into your soul the minute she meets you. I wouldn’t work with anyone else after working with Jen.” Grace M.

Ashlee Brennan Esq.“I have known Jen nearly my entire life. Not only is she an amazing person, great friend and confidant, she has wicked photography skills. I hired Jen to take photos of me and my brother for a Father’s Day gift. The shoot was fun and playful, taking place at a local playground. Jen has the ability to make anyone smile and feel comfortable in their own skin. Jen’s attention to detail and strong photography skills render a memorable product. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Ashlee B.

Kathy Weidmann

“Jennifer took my family photos and did a great job. She was very personable, creative, and the pictures turned out great! Will definitely utilize her services again!” – Kathy W.


Sean Ongley

“Jen’s excellent photography strengthens Thru Magazine. She has excellent instincts and equipment to match. Jen is talented and has stepped up as a journalist and as the first editor of our arts calendar. Her enthusiasm is matched by discipline and pure will to achieve higher standards, increasingly stepping up the bar.” Sean O.