Ghost is a poet, imagist, multimedia artist and the sole creator of Ghost of Earth, an evolving two-way mirror and working catalyst of darkness and light. Ghost of Earth’s work is consistently connected to nature, the human experience and unexplored territories within the physical and psychic worlds.

As an artist, my work is best focused in combining an uplifting use of color, selective visual storytelling and an emphasis on eclectic minimalism to the manifestation of bigger picture concepts. Themes like depression, anxiety, grief, manic elation, nature, occult magic, ghosts & monsters, and interdimensional travel are some of those you will continually find me interested in.

I tend to collect and develop works that often portray a sort of manic disposition despite their darkly poetic undertones. These are some of the most honest and impactful works in my experience as a poet and visual storyteller. And if I really break down why, I believe it’s because they deeply portray the compounding pressure of societal expectations when it comes to how we consider our mental health; a facet of life that we collectively endure intersubjectively here as human beings. This is the influence I take with me in my process of creation.

It’s also always interested me that ghosts have traditionally been portrayed as nuisance-like creatures; existing on a plain separate from humans. With our limited senses and attention we are often unaware of their very real presence and influence in our lives. These ghosts have a static, cartoon embodiment in our culture, but in reality they are more akin to shape-shift; appearing in a vast array of forms.

My work is largely in actualizing the many versions of ghosts that exist here; those embedded within the experiences we create, both with one another and in connection with self.

The stories you see here may appear somewhat cryptic, but I believe this quality is a valuable catalyst for digestion, as it leaves you to rediscover your own experiences within each work.