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Hello Ghost.

It’s always interested me that ghosts have traditionally been portrayed as nuisance-like caricatures; existing on a plain separate from humans. With our limited senses and attention we are often unaware of their very real presence and influence in our lives. These ghosts have a static, cartoon embodiment in our culture, but in reality they are more akin to shape-shift; appearing in a vast array of forms.

My work is largely in actualizing the many versions of ghosts that exist here; those embedded in the experiences we create and thrive off of – both with one another and in connection with self. Ghost of Earth’s work is consistently connected to nature, the human experience and unexplored territories within the physical and psychic worlds.


I began writing at 10 years old (in a journal which I still own) as a means to reflect and relate my experience. This stayed with me and still functions as a destination I revisit for deeper understanding.

It’s not unintentional that my stories may appear somewhat cryptic. I believe this quality is a valuable catalyst for digestion as it leaves you to rediscover your own experiences within each work.