Directed by Estevan Munoz & Jen Scholten

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Producer: Baby Couch –


am i sailing? am i dying?
am i failing? what’ll be my demise?
despite these iced efforts to spike em
bad habits like me cant even say i fight em
frightened by my mirror dont like it
surprise look nearer it’s all lies
christ i can be two faced or three faced or more
my fate is to take and fake personas absorbed
me can’t afford all these golden opportunities ignored
brother calling and im just being annoyed
why is that he wanna move in cant he have that
what you feel better than him for
you two stuck like leather and a nympho
better run from problems that i gave up
sorry momma drug abusing just our nature
probable alcoholics in training
fuck my muse that bitch is complaining
wanting some work that i dont give it
lazy impulses on the daily i give in
sinning with sydney she synergy straining
remaining to refrain from saying she satan
cause life is more gray and im not hating
just saying its luck im octopusbacon
and maybe it’s not that bad
fucking a estevan its sad you got two dads
two bad you losing yourself like who’s that
who’s dat boy on the bus with the ipad
my bad my crabs im spoiled im not loyal
im crumbling like foil
get a whiff of this shit before im soil
we all gonna spoil

a long list of demons and how do i clean them
if i’ve just been dreaming of enlightened thinking